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Even skilled communicators are often baffled by this strange new way of getting messages across - where all rules have been changed.

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Does anyone NOT want the web to be more accessible?

Accessibility consultant Karl Groves ; sorry, I suspect but most people don’t share your love of technical detail. Dear Mr. Groves, I would have liked to have said something at the end of your piece criticising Sitemorse, but since you don’t allow comments I thought I’d post it here. Poor old Sitemorse are in the

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cookie monster

Will leaving the EU affect your company’s website?

Since much of the litigation around websites has come from the European Union in recent years, does any future action to leave the union mean that we no longer have to comply with European legislation? Just two months ago, for example, negotiators of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission agreed on the first

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Don’t get left behind on social media – you just need someone to talk to

Would you like to be using social media to better market your business, but feel left behind by the younger generation? There are many people over 30 who often feel they need to be using online marketing techniques, but who don’t want to be talked down to by the local ‘web guru’. They would prefer

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Online marketing – should you be doing it in your business?

You may have heard a lot about online marketing, but do you know what it is, or how you can use it in your business? Many companies are now using it to promote their products and services, and to help build a stronger business. It’s not just a matter of ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’

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The basics of online marketing.

The development of social media has only been with us a few years, yet Facebook, Twitter et al are all firmly ensconced in our communications . True or false? The truth is that many of the professional communicators I talk to still feel uneasy about social media as a part of the communications mix.

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The Perfect STORM – because for most organisations a crisis is inevitable

Preparing your team for the inevitable  crisis is always challenging,  made more so by how social media is impacting organisations. Practising to ensure a good response when things go wrong is essential, and the key is creating a sense of realism, and real-time pressure for participants, while giving them enough space and time to learn.

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