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We will help you get your message across to the right people, on or offline, using traditional PR, cutting-edge web technology and/or social media. We write, design, build, and advise. And we have a sense of humour, so forgive us if this all sounds a little bit pompous.

Making sure you have great content

We specialise in writing and editing digital or non-digital communications and managing websites and intranets

Keeping an watchful eye on your social media

We help you manage your social media, including monitoring, training and support

Don't let a Crisis Turn into a Drama

Worried about meeting the media? We can help you plan for problems with crisis training and support.

Website development and management

Your website is your main channel of communication. We can build you a great website to meet all budgets.

Latest Blog

October 2014 - Many people are still frightened of social media. And judging by the lurid newspaper stories of those who get it wrong, with good reason. Yet it's no longer something you can avoid. Let's dispel some myths - see my blog series.

Paul Hodges on The Great Unwinding…

My former client Paul Hodge, Chairman of International EChem, has just posted a very interesting interview with Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor in Chief of Moneyweek. Paul was one who foresaw the financial crash and writes thought-provoking books and blogs about world trends.

28 Jan, 2015 gpmedia

The basics of online marketing.

The development of social media has only been with us a few years, yet Facebook, Twitter et al are all firmly ensconced in our communications . True or false? The truth is that many of the professional communicators I talk to still feel uneasy about social media as a part of the communications mix.

13 Jan, 2015 gpmedia

Why talking to the media need not be a bruising encounter

Knowing how journalists think and why they do what they do in the way they do it can be half the battle in obtaining good coverage that can benefit your organisation . But unless you have worked in the media yourself this insight can be difficult.

21 Sep, 2014 gpmedia