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Facebook ban words

Facebook under fire for arbitrary ban on a sensible advert

***UPDATE: Facebook did not defend their decision to ban the Menopause Support advert for an upcoming workshop in Tetbury in October when the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire invited them to appear on her morning news and current affairs show. Instead a former company employee was left to defend the platform. Di Danzebrink was there to take part

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Social media is great – but don’t ignore the pulling power of local newspapers.

Like me, your mobile phone is probably alight with social media alerts for much of the day. The latest from our friends on Facebook and those vital updates on all things important on Twitter have become an essential part of our lives. For those in business,  the new worlds of how to get your message

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How well would your organisation communicate in a crisis?

My colleague Neil Chapman of WPNT (pictured) has been talking about what’s needed for an organisation to communicate effectively in a crisis – and in his view, crisis plans need to be practiced regularly. Crisis handling doesn’t mean solely focusing on the media, either – getting it right involves communicating with a range of different

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United Airlines have managed to turn a PR crisis into a total disaster – for the moment at least

This week the title the World’s Least Favourite Airline must surely go – by a couple of million air miles – to United Airlines of the US. The debacle where a passenger was forcibly dragged from a plane by three officials (one of whom was later suspended) couldn’t get any worse, you’d think until the CEO kicked

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A helping hand from technology when managing change in your organisation

Having managed big corporate websites I know that when things change inside or outside the company it can mean a lot of work for hard-pressed web teams. Such changes can be literally thrust upon you, I know from experience, and often the timescale for change is out of your control too. Keeping track of web

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slow load time

Find the barriers to your website’s performance to keep your customers – or else

More than half of shoppers will abandon a site after waiting three seconds for a page to load, and 8 out of 10 people will not return to a site after a disappointing page load experience.Almost one third of these will to tell others about their disappointment.

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