Why Use Us?

Reasons you should consider using GP Media:

  1. Do you understand technical stuff like search engine optimisation, DNS and meta tags?
    We understand the background to communicating on the internet and can help you navigate through the maze of techno-speak that some agencies offer. More importantly, we speak YOUR language. We're familiar with how large companies work and have worked with them – and inside them – for a long time.
  2. What about social media and the stuff people call “Web 2.0”?
    This area can be a huge opportunity – and an enormous threat – to company reputations. Although different applications come and go – Twitter and Facebook are the current favourites – this is an area that is likely to stay. We can help you develop strategies to manage the use of social media in your company that will keep employees and management happy, carry out ongoing monitoring to ensure there is no abuse of your brand online – with timely warnings if any are detected, and help you harness the latest technology to get your messages out using digital media.
  3. You may have a lot of background in web communications but do you have the backup and support I can call upon from my existing agency?
    Yes. We work with several hand-picked design and web agencies to make sure you get keen prices and the best technology. We often work outside normal hours and we won't give you delays and red tape as your regular agency may!
  4. Our website is regularly updated by our internet staff /IT team – why should we use an outsider?
    Internal and external communications need to be subtly different even though they have similar messages. Are your own staff able to help and advise with the knowledge of what other companies are doing out there? Web communications are the responsibility of your company’s comms or PR department, not that of IT. If you don't have communications inside your organisation, you need professional help from outside, IT is the medium, never the message.
  5. How much does it cost to design and build a business website?
    That really depends on what you need, We can build you a bespoke tailored site to suit your organisation for as little as £1500 - management costs affordable amounts per month.
  6. How can you save me money on my overstretched budget? The recession means we are spending less on our website , not more – why not go direct to a web design agency?
    When you bring in an agency you will be using their resources, which may be good in some areas, not so good in others. And you will be paying their overheads. We can save you money.
  7. I already employ a web agency – why should I change it?
    There are some excellent ones around. But you will be paying a high price for their overheads. Most agencies get custom using their best people to pitch then transfer existing clients to more junior staff . We aim to charge no more, but for that you are getting a lot of relevant, valuable experience – and we deal with our clients personally, every day or as necessary.
  8. Why not put in a content management system and get my existing staff to run it?
    Many people do this – but they will probably not be able to help you compare your site to others or improve it against your competitors. We specialise in doing this and the corporate websites we have run have been well regarded in their field, with a fraction of the budgets spent by others.