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How to find out what your website customers really think of your site

15 Jul , 2010,
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You spend a lot of time and money on your corporate website, but do you have any real idea of who visits, and the kind of user experience they have?

Your web statistics can show you how many visitors you had, and where they came from. But you probably still have very little idea of who they were, what they wanted, and whether they found it. Did they like your site – was it better than those of your competitors – or did they find it lacking?

Statistics are useful, external benchmarking is helpful, but the only way you will ever really be able to know what your website customers want is to ask them.

But suppose you could ask those customers crucial questions not answered by your web stats. The answers would allow you to change your web strategy if necessary and give you a real idea of whether you are meeting your communications targets.

For some answers to the above, click here.

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