Working with clients

Here’s just a few examples of the way we have worked with clients recently. We haven’t named them for reasons of confidentiality.

silhpurpClient X
had written an important book and wanted to get it to the right sections of the media to make his theories more widely known. We introduced him to the right journalists.

Client Y had spent weeks looking at a blank page trying to get her business proposition down. We nailed the story in the first draft.

Client Z now reaches several thousand people each month with a well-designed emailer and always gets feedback from his clients. With a little help from us.

Client X – an Olympic athlete – wanted newer ways to reach fans than his successful website. We used Facebook to keep in regular touch with thousands of followers.

Client Y is planning a major medical reform campaign – we are finding ways to reach the right influencers via Twitter and LinkedIn.

silpurpClient Z wants to spread the word about their automated web governance skills – we are helping get the messages across on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

Client X, a logistics manager with a wide-ranging brief worried about having to handle media enquiries. Four hours later she was very much more confident and ready to take charge.

Client Y needed six managers who occasionally had to front press conferences to simulate being asked questions by journalists. A six hour course made them more relaxed about the next press conference.

Client Z, a major multinational company, routinely trains local senior management around the world in crisis procedures. We have developed a number of finely-tuned and relevant scenarios and, working with a blue chip team of crisis trainers, use an innovative crisis training simulator to give them vital insights into how to handle a major reputational problem.

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