October 15, 2014

“Left behind” on social media? You aren’t alone.


Would you like to be using social media to better market your business, but feel left behind by the younger generation?

There are many people over 30 who often feel they need to be using online marketing techniques, but who don’t want to be talked down to by the ‘web guru’ generation.

They would prefer to learn what they need outside a seminar or classroom without  junior members of staff looking on.

And, of course, the whole learning curve needs to be cost-effective.

If the above sounds like you, then I can help you. I’m a former journalist who has been working in electronic communications since the mid 1990s. I have run the main websites for two FTSE 100 companies and have been helping my clients to get to know about and use social media to promote their businesses for nearly a decade.

I offer a low-cost ‘one on one’ tailored service to help those wanting to learn about online marketing in all its forms – at a time and place convenient to you.

So no more patiently sitting in classrooms with 10 or 20 others who have very different needs and questions.

And no more discovering you have forgotten much of what you learned on-screen by the next day.

We will only be looking at what your business needs, against your specific requirements, rather than wasting time talking about social media platforms you may not want or need

My Bedfordshire-based service includes mentoring and ongoing support for as long as you need it, with advice and assistance on any kind of marketing, offline as well as online.

To have a preliminary discussion* about whether your company should be using social media and what would benefit you most, I’ll charge you just £25.

A  follow –up ‘face to face’ session for up to three hours at a location of your choosing will cost £150, and ongoing advice and support is just £5 a month.

I can also help you create a new website, if you need one, or help you complement the one you already have, or assist you to create content for online  ‘emailers ‘ so you can keep in regular contact with your clients.

Media relations are also a speciality, from writing your press releases to advising on how to place stories locally.  If your business has a crisis, I can help you with sensible advice and support.




  • silhClient X – an Olympic athlete – wanted newer ways to reach fans than his successful website. We used Facebook to keep in regular touch with thousands of followers.
  • Client Y is planning a major medical reform campaign – we are finding ways to reach the right influencers via Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Client Z wants to spread the word about their automated web governance skills – we are helping get the messages across on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

We can talk to you about WhatsApp, Snapchat and Foursquare too, but we’ll give you sensible advice about where you should be concentrating your efforts.