Why talking to the media need not be a bruising encounter


In most organisations a call from the media is something to be shunned – a job for the press office or external PR agency.

Yet most media calls are simply requests for information that can often help, not hinder, an organisation that wishes to get its message across.

Knowing how journalists think and why they do what they do in the way they do it can be half the battle in obtaining good coverage that can benefit your organisation . But unless you have worked in the media yourself this insight can be difficult.

“Media Training” has a reputation for being expensive and an attempt to control media messages, something exemplified by politicians who refuse to answer a straight question.

Yet most media encounters are nothing like as bruising – local newspaper and radio reporters often appreciate insights into how organisations work and they don’t always misquote or get the facts wrong. A well-written, well targeted press release can be an advantage to your business, and even in these days of social networking, most people get their news from the mainstream media.

A good level of media awareness can be taught in half a day , and a short course can be an excellent investment for those willing to brave the media and get on the right side of the news agenda.

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